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Let's Talk About Rules. Empty Let's Talk About Rules.

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 14, 2012 10:26 pm

Welcome To Let's Talk. We encourage healthy conversations here, but with every forum, there must be rules. Here they are.
1. No Cyber-bullying. Any indication of this will result in a likely ban by the moderators/admins
2. No harassment.
3. No advertising. Any advertisement is an automatic ban. [Note: Mentioning your company or product is fine if it is relevant to the topic and your post is not solely to advertise.]
4. No pornographic material/pictures. Any porn will result in a permanent ban.
5. Cursing is allowed, but must be kept at a low. Three warnings, will be administered before a temporary ban is in place.
6. Please Post thoughtfully and intelligently.
7. Please withdraw from creating a thread every time you have a problem. The moderators and admins will be available to you.
8.Please Give Respect to the Moderators/Admins. We do not get paid to do this, we are volunteers.
9. More than one account will result in a 25 day shutdown of both accounts.
10. Post on correct topic. If your topic is about Obama, don't post it on construction.
11. Please do not respond to topics more than a month old (unless it is in forum games). Warnings will be issued for this.

Please Enjoy The Forum.

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